Spirit, Mind & Body Virtual Challenge

September 07-30, 2020 / October 01-18, 2020


Ann Angell





Join us for a 6 week challenge designed to awaken all aspects of your spirit, mind, and body. There will be 12 tasks to complete (two per week) that are physical, along with some not-so-physical challenges. They include running or walking, push-ups, yoga, tracking steps, volunteering, biking, reading, hiking, doing squats, planks, and more! You can adjust this challenge by simply replacing a suggested cardio activity with any cardio activity that fits your needs. Imagine how accomplished you’ll feel in just six weeks!

This virtual event is open to EVERYONE- no matter your membership status or location. Not only will you be improving your well-being, you’ll be supporting a CAUSE- your YMCA! Plus- your registration includes a t-shirt celebrating 75 years of YMCA of Calhoun County. We hope you’ll join in the celebration as we continue to fulfill our mission to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirt, mind and body for ALL!